I spent some time in New Zealand this semester, which is where I caught up with this Fashionisto catching the last bit of his summer. Whereas back home in Canada (where it is currently winter) I know we can all smell spring and summer upon us, so why not grab some summer ideas off the local kiwis on the other side of the globe.

This Fashionisto spent some time in Asia and Thailand, bringing forth some very unique fashion trends. Wearing board shorts and flip-flops are a base for anyone entering summer wear, but be sure they represent you. These shorts were found in an Asian market, hand-made by locals. Being a student and Style Guru means being on a budget. Don’t miss out on your town’s local markets to grab yourself a steal this semester.

Picking the perfect graphic T-shirt to go along with your ensemble can pull out anyone’s personality. You can throw on a simple gray or white T-shirt with a catchy phrase or even go for a neon color with a #RAD graphic. Don’t be shy, humorous T-shirts are what unite us Fashionistas/os together on the streets.

Every summer wardrobe requires at least one pair of sunnies. Be sure to find a pair that suits you just right. This pair could take you from spring to summer or vice-versa. I usually go with a black or brown pair to match along with whatever I pull out of the wardrobe that day. This Fashionisto grabbed a vintage watch alongside his black sunnies to stand out among the crowd.

One Simple Change: Entering into spring or fall and dying to wear your new graphic T-shirt? Grab a pair of distressed denim alongside your favorite closed toe kicks and you’ll be sure to make a perfect splash.