I used to dream of experiencing vibrant music festivals such as Life in Color. What could be better than enjoying sweet melodic sounds and watching pretty lights surround the atmosphere? I longed to experience a transient burst of excitement and retreat from the mundanity of life.

This Fashionista’s outfit reminds me of a “life in color” and takes me down memory lane to a reminiscent childhood experience in Disney World. There is a magical feeling of vivaciousness from the color pairing of dark blue with sprinkles of bright pink and purple in her outfit. She is dressed for a lovely stroll downtown in Princeton. During the day, an outfit like this will bring great vibes all around.

As you can see, this Fashionista is an extraordinary girl with a shrewd sense of fashion—it’s evident in her keen eye for details from the beautiful pairing of all the elements of patterns, textures and colors to the minute details in her accessories and makeup. Her black crop top trendy for the summertime and the solid color pairs well with floral patterned shorts. Her Francesca necklace is girly, refreshing and elegant with dazzling gems in the center of each white flower. Her overall attire is simple but mesmerizing. Her red/pink stained lips matches with the gorgeous coral colored Rebecca Minkoff purse. The cross body chains on her purse also add a nice metallic shine. The midnight blue floral shorts contain different hues of pink and violet, offering an exciting zest of life and color to the attire. The pink bow ties on her flip flops are girly and a great complement to her matching pink polished fingers and toes. This Fashionista’s Tom Ford sunglasses add a bit of mystique to her look, giving her a fascinating aura of mystery, romance, charm and glamour.

Why don’t you put on a gorgeous summer outfit such as this, enjoy a scenic walk and breathe in the fresh air of summer? Feel the relaxation and the cool mist spraying on you from the fountain at Princeton (or your neighbors’ sprinklers). Remember, you don’t have to go somewhere with big pumping music and vivacious lights to have an exciting time. With some creativity, you can build up your own fun from scratch—starting with the coordination of a lively, colorful and magical looking outfit!

One Simple Change: For a fun summer nighttime outfit when out with friends, you can alter this look by wearing a lace top underneath a black leather jacket. Keep the floral pants and add a black beach hat for some edge. This look will call for some smokey eyes and mauve colored lips. A French manicure is also a plus, as it is a classic nail polish look that goes with any outfit.