I enjoy the summer season for two reasons: the family vacations and the open-minded fashion. I cannot think of a better season that offers the perfect opportunity for anyone to change or express his or her style. For some inexplicable reason, hot weather gives us the confidence to wear almost anything. I happen to admire when a Fashionista/o rocks dark colors for the weather. If worn correctly, darker colors in the summer have to potential to appear just as “summer-ready” as that bold printed sundress we all have hanging in our closet! Just make sure to lean towards fabrics that are light and loose such as, cotton or linen.

This week’s Fashionista is a perfect example for wearing darker colors in the hot weather and simultaneously remaining cool. She paired a high-low black short sleeve T-shirt made of a light fabric with a black and white printed pair of shorts. The basic top placed an obvious emphasis on her graphic pair of shorts. She kept to her limited palette by opting for black sandals and black glasses. Minimalism, a highly popular summer trend, seemed to be our Fashionista’s goal for her summer outfit. I am an advocate for the trend as it displays self-control in style.

One Simple Change: Say you are running many errands on a Saturday afternoon in the city. Because you are walking everywhere, try the sneaker trend with your outfit. Not only will they keep you comfortable, sneakers will also add a bit more dimension and visual interest to your ensemble!