Washington D.C. summers are no joke. They’re sticky, humid and unforgiving. So it’s no wonder that most people, including me, spend their days indoors and out of the line of fire. But even with all the A/C units and central air in the world, there’s no real way to completely escape the summer heat. You and your wardrobe must endure it, and the best thing you can do is embrace it.

This Fashionista in particular agrees with this statement. A native Washingtonian, she knows how to dress for the weather. D.C.’s most sweat prone season is no match for her attire because although it’s only a four-piece ensemble (accessories included), it most certainly gets the job done. The entire ensemble is light, so it doesn’t absorb any unwanted heat. Everything from her dress to earrings is delicate.

Her loose fitting dress flows whenever a summer breeze or two comes along and allows her skin to breathe. The dress breaks from the trend of tight fitting garments in order to accommodate the weather. She says adios to tight crop tops, ill-fitting high-waisted shorts and bodycon pieces, which always hug and never truly flatter the body. Her necklace and earrings add to her delicate summer look as well because they too demonstrate a lightness to them that is crucial for high temperatures. They don’t weigh the wearer down and instead allows for a more airy look.

Her hair is also important to note. Moving your hair up and away from the face makes for a cooler summer day. Long hair, when down, can cause you to get hotter faster. Pulling it away from the face will help you cool off. This Fashionista uses her bun to do so. Unlike the oh-so popular messy bun, her up do is nicely propped up atop her head in order to accomplish a polished summer look.

In regards to her outfit, this Fashionista duly notes that sometimes we rely too heavily on trends, but this shouldn’t be the case when things like hot weather, body type and personal style are staring us directly in the face and telling us to dress otherwise. According to this Fashionista, “You shouldn’t have to cater to a trend, especially when it doesn’t reflect your taste, body type…the important question is what looks good on you. What works best for the situation you’re in?” She’s right—let your summer outfit be a testament to practical dress and personal style. Because even though she’s dressed in a strategic manner, she still makes sure to look chic. The pattern evenly dispersed throughout her dress and Tory Burch-inspired sandals demonstrate this. They exemplify her unique style.

One Simple Change: This dress would be perfect for Sunday brunch. Try swapping out this Fashionista’s sandals for a cute brown wedge. This simple change will have you ready to sip mimosas and dine in style with friends and family.