This Fashionista’s outfit captures the definition of a summer day. With her long, wavy locks, she looks carefree and effortless in this outfit. This Fashionista could be doing anything in this outfit. She could be going to hang out with friends, shopping or anything else. This outfit is versatile because it could be worn to different occasions. This outfit could be worn over a swimsuit even if you’re on your way to the pool.

My favorite part about her outfit is the royal blue babydoll style tank top. I think that this is perfect for summer. The shirt definitely dresses up this Fashionista’s outfit and is the piece that ties the rest of the outfit together. A similar royal blue babydoll style tank top can be found here at Nordstrom.

The crochet-trimmed shorts brought a nice detail to the outfit. I think that the light color washed jeans works with the dark blue shirt because they are opposites. The crochet also adds a little something extra to the outfit because it is really simple. Crochet-trimmed shorts would be perfect for your summer wardrobe and a similar pair can be found here from Charlotte Russe.

The last subtle detail to this Fashionista’s outfit is the opal teardrop earrings. I love these earrings because you could wear them with a variety of outfits! Plus, I love the opal stone so I was automatically in love when I saw these. A similar pair of opal teardrop earrings can be found here.

One Simple Change: To dress this outfit up for a girl’s night out, I would wear more jewelry. I would add a little necklace and bracelets. I would also change into some black shorts, which would dress it up for a night out!