Being he hottest season of the year for more reasons other than temperature, summer lets variety come out in the clothes we wear. Every Fashionista/o knows what it means to be summertime fine, and uses clothes and beauty products to be just that. Summer attire includes, but is not limited to, shorts, skirts, sandals, tank tops and dresses. Maxi dresses have been on trend for so long that they are now considered a necessity and must-have for wardrobes. They allow creative freedom in styling; they can be dressed up or down and work for the many occasions that happen throughout the summer.

This is a fabulous example of doing the maxi dress justice. As an already bold choice, this sleeveless charcoal gray maxi dress with a side slit is excellent for summer. The lack of sleeves and presence of a side slit keeps this Fashionista cool in the scorching weather, while the light material clings to her body and accentuates her figure. What’s better than a light and cool dress that shows off those beautiful curves? For a pop of color, she adds a coral statement necklace that is a great contrast against the muted tone of the dress. As simple accessories she has a black leather tote from H&M, a black Fossil watch and a pair of classic black sandals.

One Simple Change: As previously mentioned, the versatility of a maxi dress is an ideal fashion choice for the summer. Swap out the black tote for a small clutch or cross-body bag; this takes the look from day to night, and she is ready for a date night or girl’s night out on the town.