From high school friends to swimming to bonfires, there are so many great things that come along with summer. It’s hard not to be in a good mood when the bright sun is beckoning you to go outside and enjoy the much needed break from homework and studying. However, with the bright sun also comes scorching heat. It can be hard to put together a cute outfit to wear when you feel like you could melt from the pretty, yet harsh, sun rays.

When the heat causes you to feel like you’re going to melt, staying away from layering clothing is a necessity. Simple, breathable fabrics are a must during the hot summer months. This Fashionista put together an outfit that was both cute and comfortable. Instead of sporting a pair of typical denim shorts, she began her look with a pair of cobalt lace shorts that are both flowy and breathable. She then paired the shorts with a simple lightweight tank top which has a breezy open back and floral details. Lastly, she added colorful statement earrings to take her outfit up a notch. Since humidity causes the prettiest of hair to take a turn for the worst, she made sure her mane was tamed by putting her hair into a sleek bun. This also guaranteed that her striking earrings got the attention they deserve!

Statement jewelry is a great way to accessorize in the summer heat. Adding a bold necklace or earrings is an easy way to make a simple outfit trendy!

One Simple Change: You can easily transition this look to a girl’s night out or date night by simply throwing on a pair of heels instead of sandals!