July 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

There are few outfits that can transcend not only from day to night, but really are versatile enough to be worn all summer long. When we consider an outfit that we want to be able to throw on as a go-to look, there are a few simple standards. First, the colors have to be relatively neutral. This way you are not completely standing out amongst a crowd, and your look isn’t too daytime or nighttime. Second, your outfit should be relatively comfortable. For your own sake, its best to wear something that you can find comfort in no matter the situation. Finally, the look should have one main focus with some simple details.

This Fashionista did an incredible job of meeting all the criteria. Her outfit revolves around her black shift dress—an easy throw on. While some people argue you can’t wear black to a beach, this look certainly proves that wrong. The dress can be taken from a day at the beach to an afternoon shopping in town and even into dinner at a great restaurant. Next, this Fashionista took her look to the next step by pairing it with a cute, same color, lace bandeau that didn’t contrast, but rather complemented the main focus of the outfit. Finally, she wore simple jewelry that made this look so easy.

One Simple Change: Ready to take this outfit to a nice celebratory event? Switch the sandals to a nicer stacked heel for the perfect nighttime look.