It’s a Monday or a Tuesday, you actually have no idea what the date or day of the week is and that only means one thing: summer has officially arrived. Clad in Netflix binges, you find yourself trying to turn off that annoying light, also known as the sun, since your bed time is approximately 5:30 in the morning. Yes, you should have gotten a summer job, but if you did, who else would have already made it to season five of Dexter? 

On a daily basis, your appearance isn’t given a second thought. Your laptop is the least judgmental being and your bed supports you no matter if you are trendy or not. However, sometimes your social calendar flares up with a party or awkward family function. Red flag. What to wear? You have been wearing the same T-shirt from your highschool’s Homecoming Football game in 2012 and two different fuzzy socks for the past three days.

Don’t panic. Even good things come to an end and your life phase of a hermit crab is about to evolve. Tribal print pants are the easiest piece to start with. More comfortable than a pair of jeans or a tight skirt, throw these on and you not only saved yourself time from shaving your legs, but you created the pivotal point of your outfit.

Just like this Fashionista did, rock a loud print and let the rest of your outfit come together. A uniform black tank top with your worn in flip flops will do the trick. Add some nautical inspired bracelets and you are set. Whatever may be thrown your way, your social interaction deprived self will tackle it in style.

One Simple Change: Social function running later than you thought? Does the venue for the excursion go from inside to outside? Whatever the case may be, swap out your black tank top for a chunky, boho sweater. Radiating the same beach inspiration as the tribal printed pants, the sweater will not only keep you in trend, but warm at the same time. Happy summer!