Living in the Tri-State area has its advantages and disadvantages, including the weather. It’s not uncommon to hear someone complain about the cold one week and the heat the next. With such unpredictable weather, it’s always best to take advantage of the warm weather and wear that outfit you’ve been hiding in your closet all winter.

Lately I’ve seen a lot of midi skirts, which add an element of class to any spring or summer outfit. It’s a great piece but it may be a bit problematic for shorter girls. I ran into this Fashionista that found a great way to wear a longer length skirt without making herself look frumpy. She wore a striped skirt that came to her knees and a basic white sleeveless blouse. Tea-length skirts generally lay on the calf; by wearing something a little shorter, she was able to get the look without sacrificing her height. Another tip for avoiding shortening skirts is wearing A-line silhouettes. A-line skirts and dresses are flattering for every body type, and they are one of the most popular styles that midi skirts come in. She completes her outfit with a pair of classic Old Navy flip flops, making her outfit suitable for a casual summer day.

Unpredicted warm weather also means choosing an outfit that can let you breathe but smartly transitions into the warm weather. Choosing a lighter blouse and a midi skirt is a great way to shift into warmer weather without diving into your Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots.

One Simple Change: Want a more formal look? Switch out the flip flops for a pair of heels, and you are ready to go to brunch with the girls. I suggest a pair of satin ankle-strap heels to add a classy and vintage look.