July 14th, 2015 at 2:00am

There really is no better inspiration to create an awesome outfit than the carefree and fun- filled vibes of summer. Summer breathes new life into any wardrobe and can make you try new looks you have never even thought of before. Who doesn’t want to look fabulous while crossing off items on that infamous summer bucket list? However, dressing in the summer can be a little challenging with the extreme heat and possible humidity. It’s always best to think realistically about what will be comfortable because even though it’s not glamorous, sweat WILL always be a factor. By the way, the solution to this challenge is not your high-waisted skinny jeans, it’s all about going with the flow and being spontaneous during the summer and your ensemble should embody those qualities. Your outfit should be able to transition from one activity to another in an instant, just like you!

This Fashionista’s look really captures the essence of summer. Her crop top is an abstract mix of a bleached print and a tie-dye, which simply says “effortless” just like a summery top should.  Crop tops are a fantastic summer option because they will keep you cool and make your look cool at the same time. This Fashionista’s denim shorts are a subtle yet chic complement to the other more more bold pieces. It’s hard to go wrong with denim shorts during the summer because they are a comfortable fabric and they really do go with everything, plus they will display your tan legs that you are dying to show off. Slightly higher-waisted shorts like this Fashionista’s are super on trend right now. They are also perfect with crop tops because they’ll help you feel a tad more covered up than you would wearing low-rise shorts. Combat boots like the ones’ this Fashionista is wearing might not necessarily seem like a summery item, but they add a little grungy flare to your favorite summer clothing combos. Plus, combat boots are great for any outdoorsy activities you may decide to participate in. Heart-shaped sunglasses are the ideal summer accessory because they are funky and also protect your eyes from the sun.

One Simple Change: Want to take this outfit from summer to early fall? Bust out those high-waisted jeans for the cooler weather to cover your legs and midriff.