Recently, I saw the movie Dope and I recommend seeing it this summer. I loved the story line, since it was way better than I was expecting it to be. I loved the music and soundtrack for the movie, too. But most of all, I was obsessed with the outfits that each character wore.

The outfits that each character exhibited was inspired by the fashion sense of the ’90s, with a West Coast appeal to fit the setting of the movie. While watching the movie, I wanted to recreate at least five outfits (minimum). There were outfits that included denim on denim, high-waisted jeans, Timberland boots and flannels.

I saw this Fashionista’s outfit and it instantly reminded me of the outfits shown in Dope. I was super excited when I ran into this lovely Fashionista and even more excited to find out that the graphic denim button-down shirt she was wearing was thrifted. Thrifting is great, especially when you find great pieces that fit right into your wardrobe.

The button-down shirt brings out the summer vibes sporting graphic designs and bright, neon color accents. It is an overall great cover-up to throw over any summer outfit. Underneath the button-down shirt, she was wearing high-waisted grid-patterned shorts in a beige color and a blush pale pink tank top. For shoes, she was wearing color-block strap sandals. Another cute part of her outfit was the flower clip to accessorize her bun.

One Simple Change: A lightweight button-down shirt like this would be a perfect piece to take with you on vacation, since you can wear it with a variety of outfits. To switch up this outfit, just use the shirt as a fun cover-up for your swimsuit! Switch out the strap sandals for flip flops so you can easily kick of your shoes if need be.