July is finally here! Summer is actually here. Now it’s time to bring out the most amazing thing to have ever blessed the summer wardrobe: rompers. Rompers are just so amazing in every single way. Nobody wants to change from a bathing suit to a completely different outfit, match a top and bottom together yet still looking stylish. That’s just so unnecessary, especially on lazy beach days. Rompers are just so quick and easy, especially for summer months. They look like dresses but are actually pants—what a great secret to keep from the world.

Not only does this Fashionista have an awesome romper on from Free People, but it is also white! White totally enhances tan—anything looks darker compared to white. This romper is really intricate if you look at it closely. It has a lot of weaving, beading and braiding incorporated in it. The bodice is a very flattering cut, dipping down just a tad below your waist and making everything look very fitted. The bottom of this romper is extremely loose and airy—all the joy of twirling with a dress but without the dress part.  Perfect for summer weekend wear, you can get out of the pool or come back from the beach, add some makeup and voila! You’re ready to go grab lunch. This Fashionista also added a white straw hat to heighten the elegance of the overall look. White on white and blue striped wedges is a match made in heaven; white is absolutely angelic. And for every time you say “actually, it’s a romper not a dress” to someone…you owe me a dollar.

One Simple Change: Throw on an edgy leather jacket or a favorite jacket of your choice and grab a pair of booties and this look easily translates from day to night. The edgier pieces from the jacket and the booties add something totally unexpected to this beachy vibe.