Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like every summer season there’s that one trend that we see all over Tumblr and Instagram that we want to be wearing, but either can’t seem to find in stores or don’t think we can rock. For me (and I’m guessing a lot of you, too), this summer that trend is jumpsuits. More specifically, I’m talking about casual jumpsuits. For some reason, finding dressy ones seems so much easier, but all I want is a few casual jumpsuits that I can throw on any day and instantly look chic and put together. Why is this so hard? I’m not sure, because this Fashionista seemed to nail the look effortlessly!

The construction of this Fashionista’s jumpsuit in particular is pretty basic: a scoop neckline, a cinched waist, pockets and pants that gradually tighten at the ankle. I believe that this is the safest and most universally flattering style of a jumpsuit. What makes this jumpsuit especially cute is the pattern. The tropical print screams summer, but still manages to be reserved because of the muted color scheme. Tropical prints can be difficult to wear sometimes because they tend to be either too bright, too busy or both, but this one is just right.

As if the jumpsuit itself wasn’t stylish enough, this Fashionista took it to the next level with her accessories. Let’s start with the hat. Wide brim hats have been a huge trend since last fall, but have successfully transitioned through the seasons and are still around to instantly make an outfit 10 times more fashionable. This hat is just your average black, felt floppy hat that most of us probably already have in our closets, but paired with a jumpsuit, the look is straight from that catalogue you’ve been flipping through for inspiration. Moving downward, we have some adorable mirrored sunglasses—another staple for summer 2015 that you can’t walk a block without spotting. For a necklace, this Fashionista is wearing a dainty silver piece with a white accent that pairs great with the white in the jumpsuit.

One of my favorite parts of this outfit is the bralette. For some reason, the trend of lace halter bralettes peaking out of tops is extremely cute to me. I just feel like it gives any look a more boho feel. Her arm candy is on point with a mixture of pieces to give the look some personality and interest. (This is where you could wear your favorite bracelets to make the look your own). Finally, she finished the outfit off with a simple pair of white flip flops, again tying in the white from the rest of the look and keeping it basic. I think the key here is pairing a statement piece, like the jumpsuit itself, with more basic pieces. All I know is that after analyzing this outfit for a good hour, I cannot wait to head to the mall tomorrow and find myself some jumpsuits.

One Simple Change: Leave almost everything the same, but switch out the white flip flops for a pair of white heeled sandals, lose the sunglasses and maybe grab a little clutch in either black or green. With this look you are ready to head to a restaurant for a date night.