July 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

Summer officially began last week, and it’s clear that with this warm weather it is hard to find the perfect look. This Fashionista on campus did not let her style suffer with this massive heat wave. Her look screamed summer with the bold print and bright colors. Summer is fun for fashion with the versatility, vibrant colors, fun and bold prints and trends. One major trend that will always be prevalent in the summertime is sundresses. Sundresses are stylish, fun and there are never-ending options for the colors and patterns that they come in.

This Fashionista combined two major trends that are continuous from year to year in the summer: floral and sundresses. Floral is such a fun pattern that is ageless and timeless. Fashionistas of all ages can wear the floral print and rock it! The dress this Fashionista wore has a bohemian vibe to it. It has a shorter, wide sleeve with a wrap element to it. The color palette in the dress is warm but also very bold for the summertime.

Sundresses can be paired with a multitude of shoe options. You can pair the dress with flats, heels and sandals. This Fashionista paired her sundress with some brown sandals with a tie detail. They are such a cute option to wear with this dress because they are simple and don’t take away from the rest of the look. Don’t be afraid to try a sundress this summer! You can walk into any store and find sundresses in so many patterns colors and styles. The options are endless.

One Simple Change: To transition this look from day to night, pair your sundress with some heels or wedges instead of sandals. This can take your look to the next level and also from street style to dinner.