Welcome to the dog days of summer, when fashionable choices tend to take the backseat while cami tank tops and flip flops ride shotgun. The heat is getting a little ridiculous (something I say nearly year-round being a Floridian) but dear Lord! Something’s got to give!

One day soon we’ll be singing along with Florence and the Machine about these dog days being over and gone but until then we’re going to keep panting and lapping up water. These days are crucial, my fellow Fashionistas. Let’s stay strong (and cute) through this heat! If you’re struggling for ways to keep cool and look cool, I’ve got you covered.

What you need to do is get yourself a light and airy top like this Fashionista is wearing. The proper title of this type of shirt is a peasant top but it is sure to make you feel like a queen! I can’t guarantee that it will make clouds and a breeze appear but I can guarantee that you’ll feel so great in it that you won’t remember why you were miserable! Okay, that might be a stretch. (What have my advertising classes made of me?). But you will definitely look cute!

Now I know you’re thinking, “Jaclyn, you’re lying to me. I see long sleeves. Long sleeves and summer do not mix.” Don’t think I’d lead you astray, little Fashionistas! You’re missing the magic of this top: the cut out sleeves. These cut-outs will help to give you some nice air flow!

This Fashionista put her top with a pair of denim cut-off shorts. Denim cut-offs transcend all boundaries and are always a safe bet. She slipped on some comfortable tan sandals and called it a day!

One Simple Change: I love this style because it can go so many ways. Pair it with blue jeans and boots and now it’s Western! Pair it with flowing palazzo pants and now it’s boho! You could even rock it with a denim or suede skirt and be music festival chic! There’s so many options that the hardest part will be deciding on one!