After what feels like years of being beach-deprived in gloomy Illinois, the sun is finally starting to shine! Call me eager, but once it hits that 75-degree mark, you can catch me soaking in the rays at just about any given time. However, the weather is second on my list of the best things about summer. You may be surprised to know that the first is fashion (so unpredictable, right?). Sarcasm aside, nothing beats the feeling of throwing on some light and loose clothing on a hot summer day. I love all the new trends, such as crochet tops and flowing pants, as well as the summer classics, like high-waisted denim shorts. When hitting up the pool or just strutting the street, there’s nothing I love more than rocking both of these new and old trends!

Of course, the key to the perfect beach ensemble is the bathing suit. If you aren’t going to the pool, it’s simple to replace this with a bright bandeau or bralette! This Fashionista styled her outfit around this hot pink bikini, which is a great choice if you’re trying to stand out in the sand (which should always be the case, because summer is the season to stand out!) You can do this with bright colors, as well as funky patterns and cutouts. After we have the bathing suit picked out, it’s on to the fun stuff.

Our Fashionista layered a crochet tank top over her bikini, which is a staple for trendy beachwear. Wearing a see-through top like this with a regular bra would probably send a PG-13 message, so I like to wear these over my bathing suit when I go to the pool or over a camisole when I want to wear it somewhere else. She paired her top with classic high-waisted denim shorts and flip flops, which are both necessities in the summer. Add a towel and your favorite sunscreen and you are ready for the sun!

One Simple Change: Loving this day look but want to wear it at night? Swap out the bikini top for a light camisole, the denim shorts for skinny jeans and the flip flops to wedges and there you go! Now you have a beach turned date night outfit.