Although Fourth of July festivities are coming to a close, representing the USA is always in style. Patriotism is something to be cherished, and what better way to show support of this great country than to drown your wardrobe in flags (July 4th weekend at least). On Independence Day, you can wear as many American garments and accessories as you want and it’s completely normal. As for the other times of the year, you may want something a little less vivacious. It’s always great to be spirited, but we don’t want to go too crazy on a hot summer’s day.

This Fashionista does it just right with this look. She is patriotic yet casual and can wear this outfit to July 4th celebrations or any other summer day. She pairs an American flag crop top with distressed denim shorts, white Converse sneakers and ties an airy white button-down at her waist. She accessorizes with some mixed metal bracelets and a silver statement necklace. Tying her shirt at her waist makes for a more modest look and keeps it light and perfect for summer. If it gets cooler at night she can always wear the white top regularly as well. Her ratio of American garments to everyday casual garments is spot on and does not overwhelm the outfit. This Fashionista rocks a #RAD summer look!

One Simple Change: Want a more neutral look? Instead of wearing an American-themed top, switch out for a high-collar crop top like this one. It complements the neckline nicely and goes well with the collar necklace. This look works great for everyday occasions or weekend wear.