The summer is a season where we all have the chance to embolden our wardrobes. During the winter we layer up with heavy and opulent coats; in the summer we lift the aesthetic by reducing the amount of hefty clothing and by trying to elevate the whole outfit with bold and minimal pieces. The summer is all about feeling confident about ourselves and pulling up our fashionable audacity. It might be easier to work with clothes during the winter, as by layering up, the fashion statements are clear and easily showcased. However, it’s a completely different story in the summer when we’re forced to work with little garments and be concise due to the weather conditions. This is exactly why we need to be audacious in order to figure out the best way to make quintessential fashion statements with every summer outfit. This week’s weather has been an absolute nightmare. It’s as sunny as ever and we’re reaching temperatures from 90 degrees and above. This is good news for all of those Fashionistas/os out there that enjoy hot weather, but this is just devastating and challenging for us who hate sun and heat.

In my case, I prefer winter clothes; I can communicate my feelings much better with them and feel more comfortable around them. Since it’s very hot in summer here in Monterrey, I always struggle with finding comfy ways of looking fashionable. I wear tailored and chino pants most of the time, and I love wearing button shirts—it’s my signature look. I simply can’t wear shorts or T-shirts. So, if you find it troubling to dress up and look fashionable in the summer at the same time, like me, then follow what this remarkable Fashionista did.

During this season, colors play an essential role. Even if you’re wearing black and white for the summer, the color combinations should be harmoniously balanced in order for you to attack the streets. The Fashionista wore a beautiful mini dress with colorful leafy prints, but you can give a similar statement with this floral dress. These types of nature prints are very common during this season, from flowers to leaves. The colors of the dress appealingly match together, giving a fruity and colorful essence to the look—very summery! She also expanded the color palette to a much brighter one with these accessories: a spiky golden necklace and this KORS Michael Kors golden sport watch. People may often think that details seldom matter, but this is not correct. These little details do matter; they embolden the dress and accentuate the whole look. To finalize with this summery outfit, she threw in those white platform sandals. White, which matches the colors of the dress, and the leather cuts, which cue and bond with the leafy patterns in the dress, create an overall consistency.

One Simple Change: Feel that the outfit is only for day use? You can replace those platform sandals for these snakeskin sandals, and you’ll be ready for a girl’s night out!