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Holy moly, it’s hot outside! June has come to a close (yes, already, I have no idea where the time went either) and July has finally graced us with its presence—summer is in full swing, Fashionistas and Fashionistos! Do you know what that means? ‘Tis the season for rolling out of bed at the crack of d– well, not dawn but the crack of noon-thirty (ah, that’s more like it). It s also the time of year where we all search for something stylish yet practical to wear that would best handle the dribbles of sweat we know are about to be rolling down our spines mere moments after stepping outdoors. The leather skirt purchased last weekend is fierce, but leather is NOT happening on a day like today. Chunky jewelry does make a statement, but the sweat bound to build up underneath will not be worth it. So lets go minimal with one article of light, breathable clothing known as the romper.

For all of summer’s occasions, rompers serve as the perfect cheat outfit, as in you can appear very much put together and trendy while only having to lazily slip on one garment. They often consist of a tank top and shorts shape that’s cinched at the waistline and can be easily found in airy materials. Their endless variety of styles is what makes the romper fabulous on any body type or personality.

This Fashionista opted for a navy blue, double-sided V-neck romper to battle the heat. She stuck to a minimalist guideline by only adding one simple necklace to keep the outfit from becoming bland. Even her feet sported a simplistic style of low top Converse and no visible socks to add embellishments. She didn’t need fancy patterns, colors or accessories to look RAD this summer; this Fashionista just needed her trendy romper and her fashion forward minimalism.

One Simple Change: Guess what! Your favorite indie band is in town, and you are lucky enough to have scored tickets. Take this casual, ice cream fetching, summer outfit and transform it into a venue-ready spectacle with a simple change. Slip on a white, sheer kimono and braid your hair into messy, textured fishtail. The kimono will dress the ensemble up while remaining light on your skin. Phew. Furthermore, the fishtail braid will also add depth to your look while stylishly keeping your hair out of your face. That will definitely come in handy while you are flailing your limbs around screaming the words to your favorite songs for three hours.