The semester is finally over, and it’s time to hit the beach on the weekends with friends and family. Lying in the sand, by the pool and soaking up the summer sun is the perfect remedy to say goodbye to the stress of textbooks and exams. But being lazy at the beach doesn’t mean you have to be lazy with your look.

Comfortable doesn’t mean you can’t look chic, and this Fashionista did just that. These Free People Cascading Petal Shorts were paired perfectly with a white, cropped tank top with a modest neckline and tall, black gladiator sandals. The drawstring on the shorts kept things comfortable, while the satin material made it chic.

When it comes to colors, I am very neutral. I love that this Fashionista chose to stick with the grayscale with her white top and black shoes, but her shorts are Free People “vanilla” for a little vibrancy. With minimal accessories, these gladiators make a statement of its own. This spring 2015 trend is continuing its way into the summer months, and this outfit rocks it!

My favorite aspect of this outfit is her simple pearl ring sitting on her right hand. This Fashionista shared a touching story with me, explaining that this ring was her grandmother’s and passed down to her. Her grandparents found the pearl together in the ocean and set it in the ring to keep forever. And what is summer without your favorite pair of sunglasses? These Ray-Ban Aviators are forever classic and go with absolutely everything.

One Simple Change: Summer doesn’t mean it’s sunny and 75 all the time. If you get chilly or are just going out for dinner, pair this look with an oversized long sweater to keep yourself nice and cozy. Also, don’t be afraid to play with your hair! When you put your hair up, a fun headband is always a good idea to change things up.