There is a special type of exhilaration that comes with the freedom of post-exam period. Exam time is an interval when most people tend to reduce their concerns about their outfits, However, come summer time, the interest seems magically renewed to certain degrees in many of us.

Fashion is all about self-representation and vacation from restrictions, so it is of utmost importance to wear whatever suits your mood and personality. This Fashionista translated her ebullience at starting her vacation by wearing a halter dress in a vibrant turquoise color. Girly and simple, bold and functional, this dress is a comfortable, stylish way to move about wherever the holiday’s currents carry you. There is a special charm about the halter style of this dress—nothing shouts out louder “summertime” than an exposed halfback and arms. The glittery details add a little “something something” to the outfit and can be interpreted as a touch of glamour and can be easily recycled into a more elegant nighttime outfit. The adorned dress does not encourage an abundance of accessories. This Fashionista wisely chose to wear simple earrings and a couple of dainty rings. In addition, simple flat sandals offer comfort and do not steal the spotlight.

One Simple Change: The dress has potential and we know it. It can easily go from day-to-night by means of a few key additions. A pair of neutral pumps or heeled sandals together with a neutral handbag, might be smart additions if you’re thinking of a dinner out or a fancier event. Nighttime might prove chilly, so add a clean-cut blazer that matches the neutral color scheme of the other accessories and you’re good to go.