As summer is heating up, so are the fashion trends. Summer fashion is fun to play with because it is very versatile. Key components of summer fashion can be dressed up or dressed down with the change of a shoe or the simple addition of jewelry. One timeless summer staple that will always please is the sundress. Sundresses can be worn with heels or flats and come in all shapes, lengths and colors. With endless options to choose from, sundresses are an easy, comfortable solution to any summer fashion dilemma.

This Fashionista chose to wear a girly number from Kendall and Kylie’s summer collection to beat the heat. Her look as a whole radiates summer, from her pearl earrings down to her wedges. The feminine details in her dress are what make this outfit stand out. The way it flows makes it comfortable for the Fashionista to wear in rising temperatures. The baby pink color is a subtle touch that is a perfect contrast against the blue pattern. The cuts in the dress contribute additional details that make an otherwise simple dress pop. The cut of the high neckline and the way the flow begins just above the waist help accentuate the breeziness of the bottom. The beautiful lace trim on the bottom half of the dress is the icing on one very feminine cake.

This Fashionista accessorized with a simple gold watch, pearl earrings and a pair of wedges. The dress’s details are the center of attention in this outfit and there is little need for many bold accessories. This feminine dress could also be worn with a long gold necklace if a Fashionista did not prefer the watch and earrings. Shoes are also very interchangeable in this outfit and flat sandals could easily replace the wedges this Fashionista is wearing.

One Simple Change: Sundresses are a versatile summer staple, day or night. This look can take a simple turn from day to night by adding a strappy brown heel, dangly earrings and a clutch.