It’s finally summertime. The sun is out, the fruit is ripe, creativity is blossoming and the mood is positive. With that said, the most important thing is to dress comfortably for the weather, as the heat can often result in discomfort and annoyance due to a wrong outfit choice. This Fashionista proves that fashion doesn’t need to be sacrificed, yet compromised accordingly in order to look hot and feel hot.

In my opinion, shoes are one of the most (if not THE most) essential articles of clothing one must focus on. This Fashionista struts in inexpensive platform flip flops in order to feel comfortable while walking, yet doesn’t sacrifice her personal style while doing so. She also wears comfortable, soft cigarette trousers, which add color and character to her outfit as well. Paired with a lightweight white blouse and a simple and convenient small black backpack, she ensures that comfort comes first and foremost.

As always, an outfit is truly not complete without jewelry. This Fashionista wears layered string necklaces that fit comfortably and stylishly on her neck and rocks some boho style round earrings and arm cuffs for an extra punch. After swiping on a shade of her favorite lipstick and throwing on some stellar shades, she is ready for a full day’s worth of walking, talking and shopping!

One Simple Change: Got a hot date? Replace the trousers with a colorful pencil skirt, swap the backpack for a simple clutch and you’ll be set for a romantic night on the town while still feeling confident and cool.