Blazing sun, cloudless skies and salt in the air all mean that summer is here in Los Angeles! With the heavy weight of final exams and endless papers off our shoulders, we are finally free from college student responsibilities. Go on, venture out and soak up the sun! Every single summer day calls for a new adventure. Whether it is finding a hole-in-the-wall brunch location down the street from your house or discovering a hidden beach spot that may or may not be a nude beach, summer adventures await.

I spotted this Fashionista peeping into the gated fences of Bates Motel, a motel that has been painted white by the artist Vincent Lamouroux as part of the ProjectionLA art collection. The fact that this motel has been permanently closed to the public, as well as the stark white paintwork, channels creepy vibes. But to attempt to gaze into this place make this Fashionista one brave and curious soul.

Mixing and matching some of the trendiest must-have summer fashion pieces, this Fashionista achieves a lightweight and effortless yet stylishly put together outfit that is perfect for any summer adventure. The intricate patterns of her halter top add elegance to her otherwise casual outfit. Her maxi knitted cardigan flows behind her as she walks, giving the illusion of a cape. With chic, black strappy wedge heels, this Fashionista confidently stomps around, looking for new adventures. Wait a second—can this Fashionista be the definition of our modern day adventure seeker?!

One Simple Change: SoCal summer weather can be tricky. Although it may go up to 90 degrees in the daytime, it can drop to the 60’s when the night falls. By throwing on a more tightly woven maxi cardigan, you become instantly prepared to tackle on night adventures as well!