As we make our way through June, temperatures are rising. And when it comes to dressing, sometimes less is more.  As soon as May rolls around, the streets become flooded with young girls in their short shorts and crop tops. Exposed skin becomes the new normal and there isn’t a covered shoulder in sight. The past few days the weather in Philadelphia has been brutal. With temperatures reaching 90 degrees and the city pavement burning beneath my feet, all I want is to run around in as little as possible. But unfortunately sometimes my trusty pair of short shorts just aren’t appropriate, forcing me to seek comfort and breathability in other garments. That is where is look comes in.

Upon first spotting this Fashionista, I was instantly attracted to the lightness of her ensemble. It is perfect for these hot days of summer. The sheer loose fabric of her dress allows her body to breath and her high-waisted shorts and strapless bra provide the perfect amount of coverage. I love the detailing on this dress. The tassels on the bottom give it a bohemian vibe while the black detailing provides a little edge. Ankle booties are the perfect pair for this look. I have a habit of wearing boots all year round, and the height and cut of these are perfect for summer. They keep your legs exposed while still giving that edgy urban look. When it comes to accessorizing in the summer, I always think like this Fashionista and choose something both cute and practical. Sunglasses and a straw hat keep the sun off your face and help cool your down. And of course the ultimate accessory: your hair! This Fashionista’s “blue do” has me reaching for the bleach. If you’re not as daring as this Fashionista and don’t want to commit to the color, hair chalk is the next best thing. It allows you to try out tons of different temporary colors that wash out the next day.

This Fashionista really knows how to dress for her environment. I’m definitely going to take a few cues from her look the next time I’m getting ready this summer. Just because it is hot out does not mean we need to be walking around in skimpy clothing. You can look cute and not break a sweat just like this Fashionista.

One Simple Change: Throw a black slip dress on underneath and some heels and this look can also be perfect for date night or dinner with your parents.