Summer is my favorite time to of the year for one reason and one reason only. Summer is the best time to be lazy. I could be watching Netflix for hours on end, not shower for days and no one can call me out on it! Anyways, I have found that every summer I find a go-to outfit that I can wear to almost any occasion. Everyone has those days where they need to throw on an outfit and put no effort into it or at least I hope I’m not alone in that. Whether it is dragging your butt to work, going to the fiftieth graduation party this summer or just stepping outside to see the light of day, this outfit will be there when you need it, just pray no one will remember you’ve worn it ten times already.

This Fashionista gets an A+ on her safety summer outfit. First of all, the key piece to her look is her adorable lace shorts. Even though they are actually shorts, at first they look like a skirt! As much as I love skirts, in the summer the outside breeze is just too annoying to deal with, so these shorts are a great substitute. On top her simple cotton T-shirt is cropped the perfect length to just meet with her high waisted shorts. Her simple silver jewelry looks very put together with this outfit. Lastly, her wedges make the look even more dressed up. Do not fret because of the heels because we all forget how comfortable wedges can be.

One Simple Change: I feel that this safety summer outfit can be changed multiple ways. This look would look perfect with a jean jacket and a cute sun hat (not to hide your unwashed hair or anything). Also, if you’re just running around town, replace the wedges for a cute pair of sandals.