When it comes to clothes, the phrase “less is more” definitely applies—but not in the way you might think. The time of showy, skin-baring sundresses is gone; simple, loose fitting frocks have taken their place. In past years, summer has been an excuse to show as much skin as possible, but this Fashionista shows us how to stay cool and classy through this season’s hot weather.

Style should always be about making it your own. This Fashionista displays her unique style by going for a vintage feel. The flowery pattern and the quirky flair of her dress give her ensemble a taste of the old-fashioned style. Her dress is held together by what seem to be hundreds of tiny clasps—something that takes extreme effort to put on, but as we all know, fashion is worth the sacrifice.

She accessorizes with a simple silver necklace, an essential for all Fashionistas. A plain necklace can make all the difference for any outfit. In this Fashionista’s case, she uses the necklace to emphasize her own style. The nature-themed necklace adds to her classic get-up, enhancing it rather than distracting from it.

Some brown wedge booties complete her look. As with the necklace, this Fashionista manages to complement her dress without distracting from the distinctive aura of the dress itself. She is clearly ready to leap into summer in style!

One Simple Change: Although this Fashionista happened to be rocking this outfit on a cloudy day, the summer heat is bound to start blazing, making the booties a little uncomfortable. With a simple switch from the booties to a cute pair of neutral wedges, this look will be as ready for the summer sun as you are!