It is official; summer break has started! The weather is getting warm in California, but there still seem to be some really fresh days. This Fashionista understands that you cannot beat Mother Nature. Instead, she intelligently layers thin, breathable fabrics to not regret her outfit choice of the day. The biggest fear of a Fashionista is wasting a great outfit on an uneventful day.

Although it is summer, black continues to be a go-to color for many. However, I predict that “black color lovers” will eventually shed their security color, even if it is just for the summer. This Fashionista is in the middle of this transition. She is still rocking the dark hue while incorporating a wonderful pop of summer white. She keeps her outfit classy by throwing over a fitted bomber blazer. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I repeat—a fitted bomber blazer. It has the precise fit of a blazer with a bomber jacket neckline and zipper closure. I find this to be the perfect mixture of the classy style. This jacket can be worn during the day as well as at nighttime. You can throw it on and run some errands, go have lunch and go shopping. There are no limits to what this jacket can potentially do. For all I know, it can have super powers unknown to any human.

One Simple Change: Let’s face it, we all like wearing our favorite Converse with any outfit, and I give this Fashionista props for making them work. Even though this is a great outfit as it is, we can simply swap the shoes for a good pair of pointed toe heels or some lace-up heeled sandals for any night out. This can be a date night or simply a girl’s night out. Either way, this classic outfit will work. The change in shoes will make a difference. This Fashionista will be ready to rule the night.