WHAT TO WEAR: Style in Snow

WHAT TO WEAR: Style in Snow

Look out ladies and gents, this Fashionista is blocking out the cold with layers upon layers of warm clothing. She knows how to stay toasty and still look her best.

Her black jeans and maroon colored sweater allow her to have that laid back and casual look. She pairs this outfit with black boots, a white scarf (to add layers to her turtleneck sweater), and a knitted white beanie to keep her head free of snowflakes. She tops her ensemble with two different layers: a gray knit cardigan and a black winter coat. She adds a smokey eye and maroon colored lips to keep her entire ensemble looking warm.

The maroon turtleneck sweater is the perfect length to keep this Fashionista at a warm temperature. Sweaters are such a versatile piece of clothing and can be worn with a coat on those brisk winter days or by itself on a warmer day. This subtle but rich color matches perfectly with her maroon lips and keeps her outfit working.

This outfit is clearly all about the layers, so this Fashionista wears a gray fleece cardigan to keep up with the trend and keep warm. She then tops it off with a black winter coat to add yet another layer. Throughout this ensemble she also chooses to keep her outfit on the darker side which adds edge to her comfy style.

She goes on to add more black by wearing black skinny jeans and black patterned boots. These boots are such a versatile piece and can be worn with basically anything. This Fashionista chooses to keep the boots neutral so that the sweater and scarf are the only pieces that pop.

This Fashionista doesn’t allow the cold to stop her from being stylish. She isn’t afraid to wear an all black outfit and have a couple of pieces stand out. So attention Fashionistas around the world! You can be stylish in any and every season. Express yourself through fashion and be creative and innovative at all times.