WHAT TO WEAR: Studying in the Rain

I found this Fashionista walking past the library on a rather gloomy and rainy day. Naturally, I couldn’t help but admire the feminine charm of her English-like outfit, which I consider perfect for a study day or date. We often sacrifice wearing the chicest of our clothes in the winter and instead opt for the warmest shamata in our closest, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

A trench coat is an excellent substitute to the puffy parkas that most freezing college students choose to wear. I find that the right trench manages to pull any look together while covering your bum, which is something that any good coat should not compromise.

Next, and certainly, the most difficult part of any winter outfit, is what’s behind the coat. Sweatpants, although warm and comfortable, should only be reserved for certain occasions. This includes, but is not limited to, sleeping, napping, and throwing out the trash. The perfect winter skirt, however, can go much further. This Fashionista is wearing a black corduroy button down skirt, which is effortlessly classic and unconventionally warm. Of course, the only downside of skirts is exposed legs, which are supposed to be hidden and unshaved in the winter. But not to worry as this can be easily fixed with a pair of thick tights.

Boots are the glue of any winter outfit and the perfect pair should evidently keep you warm, but also allow you to sing in the rain as easily as Fred Astaire. The combat boots worn by this Fashionista pull her outfit together and allow her to easily move through the slush. I have a similar pair and I love how they’re both warm and make me feel like a British spy.

So, the next time you reach for your sweatpants on a winter morning, remember that alternatively, you can study in style.