WHAT TO WEAR: Strolling Downtown

After several days of cold weather, the sun has finally shed its light into this college town, Blacksburg, which has sparked many civilians to remove their black winter coats. However, after being in Virginia for a while, the weather could change instantaneously. One minute it can be hot and the next it can be hailing and snowing. So, beware of the weather forecast when you are heading outside because you do not want to be wearing a cute dress when it’s raining and gusts of winds are coming at your legs.

Here at Virginia Tech, many students are in a rush to head to class or go back to their apartment to sleep, but this Fashionisto was truly enjoying the great outdoors. He was heading downtown to check out the shops and while I was passing, his outfit caught my eye.

This Fashionisto has constructed an excellent prep outfit for his walk downtown. He styled his plaid shirt, which is the perfect main piece of this ensemble. He decided to play up this look by styling khakis to make his outfit more crisp. For added layer effect, he went with a cool baby blue T-shirt, which surprisingly pulls everything together.

For accessories, this Fashionisto wore a fancy watch, Timex easy reader, to compliment his outfit. Since the sun is out to play, the sunglasses also come out. You can find these black sunglasses anywhere! Lastly, for shoes, he decided to go with his favorite Clarks desert boots with beeswax leather and crepe soles. Very stylish! I hope you found some inspiration from this Fashionisto!