WHAT TO WEAR: Street Style

WHAT TO WEAR: Street Style

Attention Fashionistas/os, time to put that bulky, winter coat away! Well, unless you live in Ohio like me, you may want to keep it out just in case. Ohio’s weather is 70 degrees Fahrenheit one day and 30 the next, so change in seasons may be deceiving. Spring has arrived though, so bust out your favorite lightweight jacket! It’s time to transition into spring fashion!

This month’s Fashionista rocked her light wash jean jacket. A simple detail and style tip is to cuff the edges of your jacket’s sleeves. This adds a chic look to any jacket, especially a jean jacket! She layered her jacket over a lightweight, white sweater and paired it with the classic, black skinny jeans. Layering with a lightweight jacket is such a great way to transition your sweaters from winter to spring.

This outfit is so simple and chic and is perfect for class, a casual date, or just going out on the town for a day. Light layers are perfect for this time of year. You will stay warm without being too hot and you’ll look good doing it. She dressed up this simple look with chunky, bohemian jewellery and a pair of snakeskin booties. These accessories added a very vintage and edgy flare to the outfit, while still keeping the overall look simple and chic.

If you wanted to go for a more casual look, you could replace the booties with Converse or Adidas Superstars to add an athletic vibe and replace the silver necklace with tying a white bandana around your neck. This would make the outfit more wearable for going to a sporting event or a day that involves a lot of walking.

Aside from her outfit, our Fashionista wore simple and minimal makeup. The focus of her makeup look was a small wing. Winged liner adds a little bit of edge to a simple makeup look. She paired the wing with a neutral eyeshadow look and nude lips. From head to toe, this Fashionista looks flawless.