WHAT TO WEAR: Staying Cool for Winter

Hello Fashionistas and hello January!

Have any of you visited Oregon lately? Good… don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good, cold winter. But the weather has been crazy over here in the Pacific Northwest. One day I woke up bright and early for work to be greeted by fresh snow with a thin layer of ice on top. As I stepped out onto the sidewalk in my heels, I immediately regretted it. Let’s just say professional ice skating is not in my future.

Other than slipping on ice, one of the hardest things for me this winter has been finding warm yet stylish outfits to wear. It seems every outfit I try on in the morning is never warm enough to brave the outdoors. While I’ve been wearing anything (and everything) that can keep me warm, this Fashionisto has been keeping it cool. I caught up with him a little while ago in the city and loved how stylish yet warm he looked. It seemed as if he had found the perfect winter city outfit.

Wearing a quilted bomber, soft sweater, ripped jeans, white Converse, and black sunglasses, this Fashionisto is ready to hit the town. His thin beige sweater effortlessly pairs with the distress on his blue jeans. By adding a black bomber jacket and fresh white Converse, he is warm yet comfortable, making this a great go-to winter outfit.

If you’re looking for a fashionable but warm winter outfit, this Fashionisto has it figured out. I know better than anyone how tough it is to brave the cold these days, but take some tips from this Fashionisto. Don’t let the cold temperatures ruin your busy day—or your style.