WHAT TO WEAR: Staying Classy

I don’t know about you, but sometimes figuring out what to wear to class is harder than waking up for class itself. Since I know it takes me some (okay, a lot) of extra time, I usually plan my outfits in advance and lay them out the night before.

By the way this Fashionista put her outfit together, I’m sure she did the same. It’s easy to go to class in your pajamas or sweats, staying comfortable and planning to go straight to bed after. However, when you take that extra time to put on something special, you don’t only look good, but you feel good about yourself. It makes me want to accomplish more throughout the day, and restores the confidence that is needed when school gets stressful.

This Fashionista felt exactly that, while also being well dressed to deliver a presentation in class. She creates her own little black dress by matching a ribbed tank from Nordstrom and a miniskirt from Urban Outfitters. I actually thought it was a dress when I first approached her, because the black shades were an exact match.

What really drew my attention were her faux suede thigh-high boots that were keeping majority of her legs warm and the outfit chic. Of course, these suede boots go perfectly with a faux leather jacket, flawlessly connecting the leather fabric with the cotton fabric of her dress. I enjoyed that she wore two different textures and decided to not wear all-black as well. Her brown jacket makes her outfit less harsh and stand out even more.

Nonetheless, the ensemble would not be complete without her accessories. The jeweled necklace adds the precise amount of shine to the matte look while the tan clutch gives her more light. With sunglasses on, she’s ready to dominate anywhere she goes.

Her outfit has minimal colors and is so simple yet gives off the right, classy appeal. This is definitely a style to consider the next time you go to class!