WHAT TO WEAR: Staycation Approved

I was in West Village the other day headed to the Corner Bistro for what I call a “NY/NJ Staycation on a Budget,” with camera in hand and exactly $20.49 in pocket. During my trip I ran into this Fashionista headed to the same place (seriously, the $10 half pound burgers are amazing) and noticed she was sporting a longline bomber, a trend predicted to survive the craziness of 2017.

When I stopped her I really liked how simple her look was: longline bomber layered under a double-breasted overcoat, burnt sienna tank top neatly tucked into contrasting high rise skinny jeans, and black suede ankle boots highlighted by the cuffed jeans above them. This was a look I definitely could see myself sporting on a casual stroll during my staycation.

It was when the Fashionista voluntarily took off her overcoat to show off her longline bomber, scored from Boohoo for an awesome discount, that I realized it was definitely a bomber worth showing off. The patent leather paneled arms and silver zipper detailing were an even balance of minimal and edgy–an unexpected twist to an otherwise understated look.

The key to any staycation outing is a merge between casual and put together. The “casual” is hiding the food baby you’re about to have when treating yourself to a half pound burger at your local bistro. The “put together” is for both how you wish your 20-something life was and just in case someone you know decides to tag along on your budget friendly crusade through your town.