WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Showers

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Showers

It’s spring time again, and with the warmer weather comes unpredictable storms. Doing your best to prepare for these upcoming storms are your best bet for arriving wherever you need to go looking the same as when you left home.

If you have a car, I always recommend to have some emergency items tucked away. An umbrella, a spare shirt or sweater, and some old pants you were planning on throwing away are great to have. If you don’t have a car or prefer to walk or take public transportation, make sure you check your favorite weather app before you walk out the door. A small umbrella that you can throw into your purse will be become your best friend.

For rainy days, most would want to just hideaway from the weather and stay cuddled up in bed with a good book. But most of the time we don’t have much of a say when we have to go to work or class, and bad weather, unless drastic, isn’t the best excuse. If you must leave your house, sweats and hoodies are most people’s go-to clothes. However, don’t be afraid to dress it up on rainy days!

As her outfit shows, this Fashionista isn’t afraid to brace the weather. She’s wearing a multicolored striped T-shirt dress and added a braided black belt around her waist to add to her look. She paired her outfit with some black open-toed heels. The trick with heels and rainy weather is to find some that are comfortable and have a bigger heel, so they’re more stable and that have a bottom with more grip. A rain jacket or a coat that’s waterproof are definite must-haves. Or, of course, having a giant stylish umbrella like this Fashionista has, is a good replacement for a warmer day, and it seems to add to the outfit rather than take away. She also paired the look with a black tote bag that has durable material to keep everything inside perfectly dry.

So take some inspiration from this Fashionista, and next time it rains, don’t be afraid to continue to be the most stylish you.