WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Saturdays

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Saturdays

Spring has most definitely sprung! As the weather starts warming up and the sun begins to make appearances more often, this often leads to the age-old question: “What should I wear?” For myself, at least, it seems that my style tends to change a bit from season to season; last spring, for example, I was head over heels in love with denim. This season, my jeans are getting a well-deserved rest.

When I spotted this Fashionista, I was immediately drawn to her easygoing outfit that portrays such a laid back attitude. The one and done advantage of wearing a sundress in the spring is a tried and true formula for looking polished by only having to put in a fraction of the typical amount of effort required. Especially relevant right now are off-the-shoulder pieces, which makes her dress twice as envy-garnering.

Furthermore, the classic details of a lace-up shoe and her black leather crossbody tie the look together seamlessly. By choosing to sport a sandal with a minimal block heel, it’s feasible to have your cake and eat it too, achieving elevated style without the discomfort of a stiletto. The details of a subtle necklace, friendship bracelets, and oversize sunglasses also give this Fashionista’s look a bit of extra personality.

Overall, this Fashionista’s look is the perfect go-to outfit for any spring day, but particularly for when you’re at your most carefree: the weekend! Considering this look has the perfect mix of elegance and effortlessness, this could easily become your uniform this season.