WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Quarter Style

March 21st, 2017 at 2:00am

Going to school can seem like a drag in what seems to be the never-ending winter quarter, but with spring comes fun new fashion, flowers, and warm weather. Here in Santa Barbara it rarely hits below 55 degrees, but living seaside can get a little foggy. Now that a new quarter is upon us it means we get to spruce up our closets with fun new fashions. Spring is all about light layers, interesting new T-shirts, sneakers, and flats. What makes spring great is the amazing versatility of colors and patterns, such as pastels, vibrant sun tones, and muted neutrals. Getting up and dressed for school can really kick start your day in a positive direction! In my book, looking good is feeling good, and I know that when I feel good, I also do good. So kickstart your spring with a spruce up in your life, let go of cloudy gray skies and embrace the new season of sunshine.

Students love to take advantage of the great weather here in Santa Barbara, and what better way to do so than with this great and simple outfit. Our Fashionista today is wearing a pair of medium wash distressed jeans, a ripped up white T-shirt, a black lace bralette, a pair of white sneakers, and fun baby pink reflective round glasses. This makes for an easy and cute outfit for any day of the week. Dressing for success is a motto I live by, and I think you should too!