WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Into Class

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Into Class

Spring is finally here! With the changing weather comes the changing styles. Jackets become short sleeves, and boots become sandals. Not sure what to wear to class now that the sun has finally shown its face in Manhattan again? Take a look at this Fashionisto’s outfit for class at the Fashion Institute of Technology in the springtime.

From top to bottom, this Fashionisto is wearing a lightweight blue linen button-down from H&M draped fashionably over a basic white T-shirt that he stitched a design onto himself. The design is of a three dimensional cube in black thread, stitched in and out like a needle sewing thread through the shirt.

His pants are black corduroy jeans from Uniqlo that are fitted, skinny and cut right at the ankle. They’re lightweight, yet heavy enough to keep you warm when the breeze kicks up, or when the air conditioning is pumping a little too hard into the classroom.

He completes his spring class outfit with a few choice accessories. Clear-toned sunglasses from Warby Parker, because you always need a pair of sunnies and why not pick a color that goes with everything? Vegan Birkenstocks, because he believes in animal safety in his clothing and eating choices. And lastly, a watch that is also self made, just like his shirt! What originally started as a Komono brand watch and then broke, with no more in production, turned into a combination project. A mismatched band and face, this misfit of an accessory is everything we need to launch us into the season of rebirth.