WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Forward

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Forward

If you’re in one of the few states that didn’t have to set your clocks ahead an hour this last weekend, I’m super jealous of you. Between midterms, projects, organizations, and keeping my business going and growing these last couple of weeks, losing that hour from my spring break this semester, I definitely wasn’t appreciative of that loss. It takes away from the time I have to actually get a foothold on some of my final projects and pieces I’m working on, which is always a bit of a bummer.

What isn’t a bummer regarding this loss of time, is that we now get longer days, and a wider visibility range for some winning looks. If you’ve kept up with my articles, you know how much of a sucker I am for transitional wear, and the shift from winter into spring is probably my favorite to see in action. There’s a huge shift in color stories and prints for the two seasons, and with not needing to necessarily cover an outfit with a heavy coat (except for those of us who got hit with snow recently) a piece can really shine. Floral prints work really well for this time of year, so I tend to be drawn to that the most as of late. Oh, who am I kidding, a good floral print can work any day of the year!

This Fashionista’s floral top was what initially sold me on her look. I thought the color scheme read really vintage, and pairing it with an olive button-up was smart choice. She cuffed her dark wash jeans, which really showcased the lacing of her flats. It’s an amazing inter-seasonal look! Overall, it gave a bit of a Bohemian vibe, while still being modern and relevant to what works for both winter and spring. It offered a look that was classic Americana to a T, and that’s always something I admire in a Fashionista’s style.

One thing I’d like to do for future articles starting with this one is use the featured Fashionistas/o’s outfit and apply my own personal style to the look. What I would do, would keep the floral motif with this top and the olive over shirt, with a different silhouette. I love clothes that move and something this drape-y works for both seasons. Since I wear black more than anything else, I’d go with a darker jean and some faux leather flats with somewhat similar strappy details. My favorite part about fashion and styling is how the same idea can be achieved in a huge variety of combinations, and I hope to explore that more next month. Regardless of which look fits with your aesthetic, you can’t go wrong as spring quickly approaches!