WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Flare

It’s official, springtime is here! The flowers are in full bloom, as the days are changing back and forth between getting warmer, or staying cold. It can be warm one minute and then turn cold again when the April showers move in quickly here in the flatlands of the state of Kansas. With this in mind it can sometimes be difficult to put together an outfit that can accommodate the quick weather changes. Luckily, we found a student who put a perfect outfit together to account for the quick temperature changes, whether the outside is a cool rainy day or a warm sunny afternoon welcoming the soon to be 80 degree summer days that we are accustom to having.

This outfit is a soft, flowing knee-length, olive-green T-shirt dress with short sleeves. The dress has been paired with a light crochet black cardigan to keep her warm on a rainy day, yet also allows the wind to keep her cool on a sunny day when the temperature begins to rise. The black suede boots go great with or without the jacket, as they say “black goes with everything.” The boots have a flat sole making them perfect for walking the campus all day from class to class. The accessories included, of course, a gold-feathered long necklace that complements her rounded neckline on the T-shirt dress. Along with this she wears a black suede, fringe crossbody bag large enough to hold a couple of small books and a notebook for note taking. The bag has a long gold-chained strap which matches the other accessories and pulls the whole outfit together.