WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break

Whether you’re jetting off to a lustrous vacation in South Beach or just returning from a sunburnt stay on a tropical island, it’s likely that you’re going to want to bust out the crop tops and start shedding layers like a puppy in the month of March once those spring break vibes start setting in. If you’re wondering what to wear right before departure (or on that dreaded plane ride back) this Fashionista has you covered, highlighting her happy new tan with beachy yet subdued shades and breathable materials itching toward summer time.

Starting with a short-sleeved crop top, this Fashionista incorporated the realistic winter month we’re all trying to ignore by choosing a slate gray shade, yet left her tummy exposed to soak up all the eventual spring break sun rays. Coupled with super soft and loose-fitting trousers, striped to add flair and color to the look, this Fashionista effortlessly pulls off casual and relaxed, perfect for any spring break trip.

Paying close attention to detail this Fashionista’s shoes are the ideal move, doubling as either a winter or spring shoe depending on the outfit. Laced-up the ankle to complement the capri style of the pant, these happy little flats go perfectly with the easy vibe of this look, inviting a walk on the sand or in the sunshine. Minimal jewelry adds to the coolness of the ensemble, hinting towards a breezy spring break attitude, consisting of only one silver bracelet.

When it comes to spring break, it may be tough trying to decide if you want to freeze on the plane or sweat your buns off on the beach and this Fashionista has discovered the solution. Flaunting herbal colors and soothed shades, this look has all the relaxation of spring break and 100 percent of the sage mindset.