When the woods are alive with the chirping of critters, I consider it springtime. Unfortunately, the temperatures on the East Coast do not always agree with this sign of spring. Shorter sleeves and hemlines only become completely doable once the season comes closer to an end, but there are still fun ways to enjoy it sartorially. This week’s Fashionista was on her way to class in an ensemble that is perfect for this time of year.

Sporting a billowy printed top and some great boots, this Fashionista kept things simple and sweet. The soft, light fabric of the top was perfect under the sun’s rays but protective against any cool breezes. The graphic print of the blouse was in tune with the brightness that comes along with spring.

She paired her top with some comfortable denim, which acted as a good base for the outfit. Also, her boots added just the right amount of edge to finish off her look. They work as an interesting contrast to the softness of the top with the tough vibes they exude.

It is so easy to give into the teasing that spring can bring; in reality, East Coast springs are still chilly and require some coverage. This does not mean, however, that one must sacrifice style because there are so many options out there—it just all comes down to taking chances and being creative.

One Simple Change: When the temperatures do rise a bit higher and summer comes along, switch out the jeans for another denim option: overalls. Opt for the skirt variety and enjoy being able to sport bare legs without worry of feeling too cold.