April 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

As the temperatures begin to rise and the flowers start to bloom, Fashionistas all over college campuses are preparing their most fashionable outfits for their spring debut. This is the time of year that all girls have been waiting for—the time when they can finally bask in the sun in their trendy sundresses and high-waisted shorts. The beginning of spring brings about some of the greatest fashion trends. New and exciting patterns are paired with bright colors and innovative designs, creating unique combinations of looks.

This Fashionista put together the perfect spring ensemble. Her patterned high-waisted shorts work as the main attention piece of the outfit with their intricate and eye-catching design. They bring about a fun and trendy appeal that tastefully flatter her body and welcome the liveliness of spring. The Fashionista’s white tank top is the ideal top to match with these shorts. Its simple design is complemented by a touch of detail at the neckline, enhancing the pair without overwhelming the outfit. One of the greatest aspects of spring fashion is the ability to mix clothing that appeals to both warm and cold temperatures. The oversized gray sweater that the Fashionista is wearing is the perfect way to complete her look. The addition of a sweater adds a new dynamic to the outfit, while also making the outfit more weather appropriate as the temperatures are just beginning to rise. Finished with a classic pair of gray Converse, this Fashionista successfully created a casual spring outfit that won’t go unnoticed.

By following the trends set by this Fashionista, you will be able to put together spring looks that seem effortless, stylish and comfortable—the ultimate combination of what every Fashionista desires.

One Simple Change: What’s better than ending a beautiful spring day with a casual date night? Simply switch the Converse with a chic pair of sandals and your outfit is easily transformed into a more feminine and dressy look.