April 21st, 2015 at 2:00am

As a school dominated by Northerners, we at Elon University take great pride in our beautiful spring weather. Although the cold dragged out through the end of March, we’re always assured that the trek back from the cold North down to the sunny, tanning-friendly South after Spring Break will bring warmth and vibrant hues. For girls, donning flirty sundresses over our freshly glowing skin that are comfortable enough to be able to run away from bees is priority, and for men, preppy pastels and classic denim return to the universe. All is good in the fashion world again when the campus looks like a walking Vineyard Vines catalog!

Spring is probably my favorite fashion season because it allows me to get away from my all-black everything mindset. It forces me to think brighter and try out new styles. This season, I’ve been very adventurous in my color schemes. Lots of Easter blues and purples have made their way into my closet, and I seriously love it more than Kendall Jenner loves her own Instagrams. Other prime colors according to the ever-so trustworthy Pantone color report this season are greens, oranges and pinks. Basically, if it’s the color of a delicious fruit, you should be wearing it right about now.

As much as I love covering women’s fashion, we all know the spring means floral, so it’s a little more fun to check out what the men are bringing out this season. This Fashionisto whipped out the lime green, checkered button-down that makes that statement of joy in fashion. It’s bright and preppy, but he dresses it with an edge by incorporating the ripped, medium-wash denim. It has a springy flair with a dark side, and that’s what makes fashion so personable. His sneakers match better with the ripped pants in comparison to a pair of Sperry Top-Siders, and his accessorizing is clean and simple. Spring looks good on us all.

One Simple Change: If you want to turn this into a preppier look, swap out the ripped denim and sneakers for a pair of khaki shorts and boat shoes.