Having classes in the spring semester means that you need a versatile look. It needs to be appropriate enough to be seen by professors and peers but still embody your personal style. Springtime can entail warm sunny days that quickly turn rainy, cloudy and cold ones. A versatile look means an outfit that can shield you from any cool breezes, while still being light enough for that spring sun.

This Fashionisto enjoys this spring day with a simple, solid cotton pullover and blue jeans. He boldly accessorizes with a silver watch and necklace that smoothly tie into the silver detailing of his shoes. Though his jeans and pullover make for a seemingly casual class outfit, his fun and stylish footwear brings this look to a new level.

These leather loafers are light and comfortable for the quick walk (or run) to class. The silver D-ring detailing gives it a preppy touch and adds an extra flare to the outfit as a whole. The loafers are more laid back, slip-on shoes, but the buckle detailing allows the outfit to be a step above classroom casual. The silver detail is fun and flashy in the sunlight and is complemented by the shining silver watch.

One Simple Change: Switching out the comfortable pullover for a darker, more formal button-up quickly and easily changes this outfit to a date night ensemble. A darker navy blue or gray would work well with the blue denim and the lighter brown loafers.