April 17th, 2015 at 2:10am

With the changing seasons, Fashionistas/os everywhere are putting away their winter boots and coats and swapping them for sandals and short sleeves. While the sun starts to appear more, spring showers also become a daily occurence, so having a versatile outfit is essential for spring days.

Trading out a winter coat for a rainproof trench coat and leaving the winter boots behind for a pair of rain boots is the perfect outfit for unpredictable spring weather. This Fashionista started with a traditional, light brown trench coat that buttons up and has a belt for added structure. This Forever 21 trench coat also features a red and blue plaid interior fabric to spice up the look if it is left hanging open. With a design on the interior of the trench coat, it becomes versatile as it can be buttoned up or left unbuttoned so that the detail can be admired. Of course, the perfect addition to a classy trench coat is a pair of fashionable rain boots. This Fashionista’s Hunter Boots are a simple black with a buckle detail that ties in nicely with the trench coat.

With a fashionable trench coat and fun rain boots, this Fashionista is ready to splash in the puddles between classes. However, because the weather can quickly go from rainy to sunny, being able to modify your outfit is essential. This Fashionista has paired a simple graphic T-shirt with a black stretch skirt. While the skirt may seem formal at first glance, pairing it with a simple T-shirt is a great way to keep it casual yet chic. If the rain goes away, and the sun comes out, this Fashionista has a modern look for spring hidden under her trench coat that’s ready to rock around campus.

One Simple Change: If you enjoy the trench coat style so much so that just wearing it during the springtime is not enough for you, try making a few small changes to make this look fall ready. Add a pair of riding boots instead of the rain boots and choose a cardigan that will complement both the outfit and trench coat if left hanging open. This new outfit will feature layers while remaining functional for differing fall weather days.