April 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

Spring and summer seasons tend to blend together in Florida. Constant heat waves, humidity and sweat stains are common trends in everyday Floridian life. The only thing to do when picking out an outfit appropriate to 90-degree weather is to make sure it keeps you cool, just like this Fashionista’s rad outfit.  

This Fashionista’s outfit is the perfect combination of grunge meets girly girl. She pairs a dark colored circle skirt with a sleeveless denim shirt that adds that spring-like pop of color to her dark outfit. When one thinks of spring fashion trends the first things that come to mind are images of flowers and vibrantly color-blocked clothing. The print found on this Fashionista’s skirt is an alternative way you can tackle prints for the spring season, especially if you are not a fan of wearing vibrant colors or pastels. The very ambiguous and animal-like figure found throughout her skirt aids in the whole grungy aesthetic of her entire ensemble. Continuing with her look, she keeps her accessories to a bare minimum and ties off her outfit with a pair of distressed combat boots. Although combat boots are associated with colder weather, they are still perfect for those unpredictable last minute changes in the weather. 

One Simple Change: Want to convert this day look into a more appropriate night time look? Trade out the denim shirt and combat boot for a more form-fitting crop top and a pair of funky leather booties. Throw on a simple crossbody bag into the mix and you will definitely be ready for any fun night time activities you have planned.