Though I worry I’ll jinx our warm weather streak, I must tentatively say that it seems like spring has finally arrived in Ithaca. I know, the first day of spring has already passed. Here in Ithaca though, we’ve been a bit behind. Most of the snow has melted but we’re still dealing with some strong winds. However, most students are just happy that they can leave their winter coats in their dorms.

I was happy to spot this Fashionista in her spring apparel, and I love that she replaced a college student’s typical lightweight jacket with a cute sweater. Sweaters are your best friend to combat spring weather! One of my least favorite things about winter is wearing the same winter coat every day. Of course I own a few fashionable peacoats, but when it comes down it, I’m always breaking out my parka from The North Face. Sweaters are the perfect solution to this problem during the spring because they are often both warm and economically viable. This allows us to purchase a vast array of these spring favorites and mix it up, which is just what our wardrobes need after a long winter.

Another staple element of any spring look is color. Move aside blacks, grays and browns. Winter is a great time to perfect an all-black ensemble or experiment with charcoal, but spring is all about pastels. I love this Fashionista’s light blue shirt, which is perfect for the increasingly warm weather. I also love the pastel pinks that designers have incorporated into their lines this year. And if you’re not ready to ditch your winter wardrobe just yet? Try adding a pop of color to your outfit with a pastel handbag.

One Simple Change: Switch out your flats for a pair of platform boots to dress up your casual attire before a presentation.